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5 Timely Gifts to Welcome Your Employee Back With Singapore

5 Timely Gifts to Welcome Your Employee Back With Singapore

As the workplace limits in Singapore increase from 50% to 75%, more employees will return to working in the office. It will be the start of most employees returning to the office, making it the ideal time to surprise them with an encouraging “Welcome Back” gift!

If you are unsure of what would be the most appropriate corporate gift to make one feel welcome, you can take a look at our team’s suggestion below! Here are a few products that you can consider including in your “Welcome Back” gift.

Here at Happybird, we aim to create the best experience for you by selecting the best corporate gifts in Singapore! We ensure we offer more than just many cheap and unique corporate gifts, and that our services are beyond satisfactory standards

  1. UV Umbrella


As we all know, the climate in Singapore has been highly unpredictable these days. In an instant, an intensely warm sunny day can become a heavy drenching rain. Considering that late March alone featured many rainy days, it is likely that rainfall will occur more frequently in the coming months.

With high functionality and likelihood of usage, this makes umbrellas great corporate gifts for your employees to have, especially since they could become a daily necessity during this monsoon season in Singapore.

Additionally, if your company is one with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) culture, it would be fitting to find some environmentally friendly umbrellas for your employees. At Happybird, we happen to offer various types of Umbrellas as it is one of the most popular corporate gift in Singapore that you could explore more on our website! Our umbrellas are also made of RPET fabric and bamboo, for the umbrella canvas, and the handle respectively, both being environmentally friendly materials that will protect nature.

  1. Reusable Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle

Now that we will have to spend most of our time working in the office, you need to ensure that your employees stay well-hydrated. However, constantly having to get up from your seat for drinks can be incredibly disruptive for your employees and their work. Hence, to ensure maximum workflow with minimal disruptions, it would be wise to include a reusable bottle that one could rely on to store their drinks at their workstation.

There are a large variety of bottles available on the market, ranging from one that holds large volumes of liquids, to those that preserve the temperature of the drinks.

As an experienced Corporate Gift Supplier in Singapore, we highly recommend to you is a large capacity Stainless Steel Thermal Bottle, which scores well in both function and appeal. It stores up to half a litre of water and it is easy to clean, all while having a stylish design. With us, you could request for personalised gifts that suits your brand and company motto.

  1. Lunch Boxes

Having to return to the office means that you would now have to spend money on lunches, which can rack up to quite a sum if you do so for long periods. Of course, there is always the better alternative of packing your own food to work, ideally in a box that could maintain the warmth and safety of the food.

When choosing a lunchbox, you need to consider some important features it holds. Ensure that it is leakproof and heat resistant while having sufficient compartments that can hold different types of foods. It would be more convenient if it was microwaveable since you will be able to reheat the food at any time of the day.

Here are some Lunch Boxes you may want to take a look at and seek for those which meet your criteria for a corporate gift well.

  1. Travel Cutlery Set


With Reusable lunch boxes, one would certainly need a suitable cutlery set. This is how the Travel Cutlery set came about to be. It comes in many shapes and sizes and allows you to carry around a handy set of cutlery for any of your meals, some of which also have cool designs!

From the detachable variations of the cutlery set, such as the one shown above, to those fully fixed sets, it is your choice.

It is important that you ensure that your corporate gift has been well prepared, so if you are giving things from a certain category, it is recommended that you consider if there are any interlinked products.

  1. Wristlet Pouch

However, if you’d prefer to eat outside, it’s also an excellent option. After all, not everyone has the time to prepare themselves lunch early in the morning before work.

With so many things in hand, it can be easy to lose track of your items while you are out and about. We know how frustrating it is if you had to turn around just to get the wallet that you left behind at the hawker centre, especially if you are in a hurry to return to the office. This is why we have sorted through all our corporate gift ideas to find a product that can help you protect all your necessities in one place for better accountability and convenience for your items.

A wristlet pouch is just the perfect size for carrying things like your mobile phones, keys, wallet, and cards, without a mess, compared to a bulky lunch bag. With a simple wristlet pouch, you could even ‘chope’ seats if you do not have a packet of tissue.

With Happybird’s Customizable Gifts Singapore, you could even brand this item as your company’s very own, are looking for corporate gifts for any type of event, we encourage you to seek our corporate gift services in Singapore.

Happybird is the best corporate gift supplier in Singapore, that caters to many gift customizations and personalizations. We also provide relevant corporate gifting ideas (Singapore), so you would have a source of reference when you shop for your own needs. Additionally, we prioritize providing you with the best experience with personalised gifts with us.

We understand the importance of maintaining business relations with Corporate Gifts in Singapore and will always be ready to help you select the best gifts for any events of yours, so feel free to reach out to us at +65 9834 6540 or visit us at our website www.happybird.com.sg for more details!

Thank you for staying with us all the way through, we really appreciate you supporting us with your time! 🙂

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