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How To Send A Corporate Gift That Leaves A Good Impression In Singapore?

How To Send A Corporate Gift That Leaves A Good Impression In Singapore?


Corporate Gifting has been a culture of great significance in Singapore, where one would present to those they care for a token of thought and appreciation. It can come in various forms, ranging from an exclusive branded gift set to a thoughtful handmade creation.


Among the myriad of options available for company gift-giving, there are various factors one has to consider to ensure that the gift sends out the right message, especially with the symbolism that exists within some cultures in a multi-harmonious nation like Singapore.


Since all it takes is a slight miss in the judgement to impact the significance of the gift received, failure in selecting the right one is not an excuse. Because we understand the great importance of corporate gift-giving, we will be helping you to find the appropriate gift that will help you strengthen your relationship with your business partners and employees.


Did You Know?

There are some special occasions that you could also gift, such as company anniversaries, milestones and even for welcoming new staff! These are all occasions where those working with you will appreciate receiving a gift!


  1. Firstly, What Is The Purpose Of Your Gift?

Are the corporate gifts intended for a festive celebration with your employees or your business partners’ milestones? The type of occasion that it is for will demand different conditions to be met.


If the gifts are for festive celebrations like Christmas, it is best to select chill lifestyle products, such as Personal Massagers, Portable Fruit Blenders, and a Stylish Tumbler. As for events like milestone celebrations, a plaque and perhaps some cool tech desktop accessories we offer in our Electronic Gadgets Category.


The company gift you select must fit the occasion well so that the recipient can fully enjoy their delightful gift and not simply throw it deep into their drawers, while relevant enough for Singaporeans. This is also another reason why it is important for you to find and deal with only the best corporate gift supplier in Singapore to guide you with your selection process.


  1. Secondly, What Are The Demographics Of The End Recipients Of Your Corporate Gift?

Although it could be a great idea to send out scented candles and flowers to your clients as a gift, it could backfire on you if it holds negative connotations to some cultures in Singapore. Be sure that you understand the meanings behind your corporate gift choices, for it could save you from any potential misunderstandings.


Other than cultural concerns, the ideal corporate gift you would want to send out must be suitable to the type of company it is.


If your company is one with a strong Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) culture, it would be fitting to find some environmentally friendly corporate gifts for your employees. The sustainable gifts that fit well would boost the company’s sincerity in appreciating contributions while still staying true to being environmentally friendly.


One of the sustainable gift ideas that you might want to consider is an Eco-friendly lunch set, so you could encourage more reusable wares to be used in your workplace.


Nowadays in Singapore, the stronger focus on sustainability has been urging people to opt out of using destructive materials like styrofoam or plastic boxes, which can stay around with us for a long time and pollute the Earth. As a better alternative, our suppliers have found Wheat fibre and Rice Husks as the best sustainable material for products used in our daily lives. Reusable tote bags are one thing, but now there are even Lunchboxes, cutlery sets, and even coffee cups! We also offer Eco-Friendly Lunchwares that you can explore and save the environment with!


However, if coffee cups aren’t your thing, you would still have a nice range of reusable Bottles and Drinkware you could bring into work daily. Our current favourite is the chic Bamboo Thermal Flask, which is not only stylish but also specifically made to be environmentally friendly.


Furthermore, if the majority of your company comprises of young adults, it would be more suitable if the gift were both trendy and fascinating enough to pique the interests of the recipients. If you are worried about not knowing what items would do well as a corporate gift in Singapore, simply leave your mind at ease with us! Here at Happybird, we constantly keep our eyes out for any new and rising gadgets that youths will love so that our customers will always be in the trends!


Continuing on, here are some of the most intriguing gadgets these days:

  • Portable Blender bottles – Blend up any drinks you crave anywhere you go
  • Wireless Pen Mouse – Navigate the web with the familiar writing posture
  • Foldable Wireless Mouse – Carry a trusty foldable mouse into your laptop bag with minimal space


These are merely some of the cool gadgets listed down. You are always welcome to check out our trendy Electronic Gadgets in your own time!


Simply choosing the newest and the greatest would not have as much significance to having carefully handpicked gifts to suit the recipients. If the company gift you selected is something that they could use well in their daily lives, there could even be a better association developed about the thoughtfulness of your company. Do keep this tip in mind when selecting a gift with your gift supplier!


  1. Last But Not Least, How Would You Feel Receiving This Gift?

Imagine that you are receiving the gift that you have selected. What and how would this make you feel? In this scenario, your perception plays a critical role in deciding whether you should still proceed with your current gifting arrangement, so leave some trust to your instincts too!


A way to determine if your corporate gift is suitable is to not feel as if you are overdoing it yet not underwhelming either. Right now, our main aim is to create a sense of excitement in our recipients, on receiving an unexpected gift and raising a positive and lasting impression on the recipient, of course, without making anyone feel too suspicious about your intent. Focus on choosing a gift that is considered modest and appropriate in Singapore.


If you still cannot come down to a decision, don’t be afraid to seek advice from others regarding gift ideas and choices. Two brains will always be better than one, so you can also rely on others to find better and stronger judgement in your decision.


Lastly, it would be even better if you did include a lovely handwritten note to those involved! It really shows others that you care about them deeply. This thoughtful act always does well in adding value to the gift you sent, especially in Singapore. It also makes it much more encouraging for recipients to treasure your gifts for longer periods!



All-in-all, selecting the perfect corporate gift may seem easy, but there are various factors that we need to watch out for. We have to be sure of what occasion this gift is for and if there are any negative connotations linked to it. You could also consider the extent of usability when selecting the most appropriate gift. Do include a lovely handwritten note of yours if you want the recipients to treasure your gifts more!


Finally, if you are unsure of whether the gift is appropriate, just simply imagine being on the receiving end of the gift and put some trust in your instincts about whether it is suitable. It also does not hurt to seek a second opinion if you are stuck on the fence.


That is why our team here at Happybird, are here. We understand the importance of maintaining business relations with Corporate Gifts in Singapore and will always be ready to help you select the best gifts for any events of yours, so feel free to reach out to us at +65 9834 6540 or visit us at our website www.happybird.com.sg for more details!


Thank you for staying with us all the way through, we really appreciate you supporting us with your time! 🙂

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