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Choose corporate gift, choose USB OTG Flash-drive

Choose corporate gift, choose USB OTG Flash-drive

What is USB OTG Flash-drive?

USB OTG also known as USB On-The-Go in short is a software that allows mobile devices to communicate with one another. In the past, phones and tablets could only be connected to personal computers by USB, however with USB OTG it bridges communication between various mobile devices.

How to use USB OTG Flash-drive?

USB OTG allows mobile devices to act as hosts and in turn allow additional hardware to be incorporated to these mobile devices. Storage devices like OTG Flash-drives, keyboards, joysticks and even musical instruments can be used along with phones and tablets. For example, data can be stored in OTG Flash-drive and both mobile devices and computer can extract data from the same source.

Why USB OTG Flash-drive?

With OTG Flash-drive, data can be transferred from and to mobile devices directly. It can also act as an additional storage for mobile devices when phone storage is limited. Since it is also a USB Flashdrive, it minimizes the number of devices we need to hold. Compared to a USB Flash-drive, the OTG Flash-drive is definitely more handy.

Type of USB OTG Flash-drive

In the market, there are quite number of OTG Flash-drives available for Apple and Android devices. There are also those 3 in 1 Flash-drives that can be used interchangeably between these devices. It is good to note that those 3 in 1 devices are usually quite pricey. You can visit happybird.com.sg for the various design of OTG Flash-drives or email us at ask@happybird.com.sg for more information.

Before you purchase USB OTG Flash-drive

After knowing the benefits of OTG devices, it is also important to make sure if the mobile devices are OTG ready. General rule of thumb, mobile devices released within these 2 years should be compatible.

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