1) “Yes, they look amazing! Thank you so much!”

by Hillary Yi Kuan (UberEATS)


2) “Thank you for your assistance all this while. We have received your products yesterday. We look forward to working with you again. “

by Esther Lu (Seagroup)


3) “Yes, we received the bags in good condition. Thank you and have a nice day! “

by Kim Chng (Kemin)


4) “Yes, I have received the goods on Tuesday. I have enjoyed the smooth transaction and look forward to working with your team again in the future. Thank you .”

by Joyee Yan (Singapore Management University)


5) “Thank you for your services and for being accommodating up  till the last minute. It was nice and efficient working with you.”

by Sharifah Faatimah (Majlis Ugama Islam)


6) “Good received with thanks. Thank you very much for your team to make this project possible. We look forward to more working opportunities together. Thank you.”

by Melissa Tan (Global PSA)


7) “Thank you for helping us throughout this entire process from start till end. Thank you so much for the excellent service, expediting our orders and being so swift with all the email responses. We will definitely use your services again for other projects if needed. Thank you very much, Happy Bird team!”

by Darini (Alphaomega)


8) “I have received the package. Thank you for your help and service.”

by Leong Yi Hua (NBC Universal)


9)  “I really really appreciate for your kind response this time! Please let us consult with you about the next door gifts in the near feature.”

by Chie Tabata (Transware)


10) “Yes, it was an extremely good experience working with Happy Bird, considering the tight time line. I will be sure to be in touch if we need more corporate gifts! “

by Winnie Yee (Tourego)